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Brickwork Support & Restraint Systems

The custom-designed stainless steel and galvanised brickwork support systems that CFS offers provide an effective solution for maintaining structural integrity. This is achieved by the safe transmission of exerting forces, such as wind or impact, away from the critical areas forming the fabric of a building’s stability. With angle supports, an array of bracket systems, windposts and brick ties available, we offer robust support and complete peace of mind in all brickwork constructions.

The Brickwork Support & Restraint Systems section of the CFS Products Manual includes:

  • Masonry Support Systems
  • Angle Support System CFS – A
  • Bracket Angle System CFS – BA
  • Other Bracket Angle Applications
  • Brickwork support system fixing methods
  • CFS brick and blockwork head restraint system
  • Head Restraint CFS – HR
  • Angle Cleat Restraint CFS – CR
  • Windpipes - type CFS BW and type CFS
  • Sectional properties and load tables
  • Typical windpost fixings
  • CFS ties and restraints
  • CFS total commitment to customer services

One of the key attributes to the success of CFS is our ability to listen to what our customers want and translate this into practical and tangible solutions that not only meet their expectations but also exceed them. We design and develop resilient products tailored to individual specifications on a project-by-project basis, guaranteeing compliance with industry standards, delivery within an agreed timescale and, most importantly, complete customer satisfaction every time.

Stone Support & Restraint Systems

CFS provides a range of fixing and restraint systems, suitable for use with thin stone claddings incorporated into concrete, brick or steel structures. Designed and developed by our in-house engineers, the various support systems can be securely combined with an array of natural stone facades, such as marble, granite and Portland stone.

The Stone Support & Restraint Systems section of the CFS Products Manual includes:

  • Systems for marble and granite thin stone cladding
  • F2 / F3 Anchor support and restraint systems
  • F4 / F5 / F6 Body anchor support and restraint systems
  • F5 / F6 Body anchors
  • Grout-in systems for restraining granite and marble cladding
  • Systems for thick stone cladding, e.g. Portland stone
  • Flush support anchors for marble and granite (FZP)
  • Drilling technology & support frame systems

The key to the success of CFS is the ability to design and develop custom made products that fit the requirements of each individual project. All designs are made in accordance with international quality and safety standards and we offer a swift production turnaround that will meet the time restraints of any project.

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