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Tim Chart
Managing Director


Sales Enquiries
T: 01491 576466 (Option 1)
F: 01491 578166

Nikki Gough
Sales Executive
T: 01491 570862

Nikki Gough

T: 01491 576466 (Option 6)

Marta Lorenc
Purchasing Assistant
T: 01491 570866

Nikki Gough

Lift Testing
T: 01491 576466 (Option 2)

Glenn Dorrington
Lift Project Coordinator
T: 01491 570863

Glenn Dorrington Quality & Operations

Marcin Lorenc
Quality & Operations Manager
T: 01491 570861
Glenn Dorrington

Technical Support
T: 01491 576466 (Option 3)

Precast Concrete Enquiries
Vita Mikutaite
Structural Engineer
T: 01491 570867

Vita Mikutaite Project Management & Estimating

Andrew Houiellebecq
Project Manager
T: 01491 525640
Andrew Houiellebecq

Façade Enquiries

Alies Abawe
Technical Sales Engineer
T: 01491 570864

Monika Romanska


Mark Rogers
CAD Technician

Monika Romanska

T: 01491 576466 (Option 5)

Monika Romanska
Accounts Manager
T: 01491 570865

Monika Romanska

T: 01491 576466 (Option 5)

Fiona Ware
Credit Control
T: 01491 570868

Monika Romanska

Anna Bernat
Bought Ledger
T: 01491 525641

Ania Bernat    

Where to Find us
Coming from Marlow direction off the A4155, turn left into Westfield Bungalows Road.
The trading estate entrance is immediately on the left.

Construction Fixing Systems Limited
Unit 2A
Westfield Estate
Henley Road, Medmenham
Buckinghamshire SL7 2TA
United Kingdom
With office and warehouse.

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