Otis Lift Product Range

OTIS Ltd working with Construction Fixing Systems Ltd

Lift Suspension Eye Range

CFS lift suspension eye systems offer optimum solutions for both new build & modernisation projects.

They have been designed to offer the best technical solution for fixing to concrete or steel structures. CFS has used its extensive knowledge of concrete insert design to provide a safe easy to use cast in product for the contractor.

For existing concrete slabs, we have options for drilling through or fixing to the slab soffit. We can offer fixed, rotating & fold flat versions of eyes – ideal where headroom is tight.

With steel structures we can design and supply the supporting steel structure, with eyes that are specifically designed for welding to steelwork or can be post fixed by drilling to steel beams.

Lift Structures

Freestanding, restrained structures

For use in timber or other buildings where lift loads are to be taken independently from the main building structure. Erected by CFS personnel.

Complete with lifting beams and tested lifting eyes.

  • Available for structures 2 stories to 8 stories
  • Guide rails fitted to rear are not shown
  • CFS produce dedicated AutoCAD drawings for each project.

Lift Towers

Otis Speedy Beam Adjustable bar for different shaft widths 1600mm to 2000mm complete with lift suspension eyes lightweight and portable.

Lift Suspension Eye Testing

Site Testing Service:

  • CFS provides a comprehensive Site Testing Service. We can load Test up to 12.5T
  • Test Certificates are provided
  • We offer a rapid response time
  • Tests are conducted by means of tensioned chain to the lift pit or the top of the slab accessed through door openings
  • All operatives have CSCS cards and will liase carefully with the contractor to establish the most suitable test method
  • Method statements and risk assessments provided on request
  • Members of LEEA.

Systems for Existing concrete Structures

Combi-Anchor c/w spreader plate for fixing through existing slabs for use with rotating & non-rotating Eyes. Existing Slab Core Drilled to Suit

Lift Suspension Beams and Eyes

Steel beams with pre-fixed lift suspension eyes

Please specify eye positions and overall length of beam to ensure adequate bearing on your block or brick walls. For Folding Eyes specify the direction of fold. CFS can advise on beam sizes.

Non-rotating Eye ’Folding’ Type ’FE’

  • excellent load transmission to the existing structure
  • folds flat, ideal for restricted height applications
  • incorporates a ’bump’ stop to ensure the eye can only fold one way. Enables easy hooking into the eye by operatives.

The Rotating Eye ’for welding Type ‘WRE’

  • gives excellent load distribution to the existing steel work
  • easy to place accurately
  • rotates to align with force direction

For block & concrete shafts

Key benefits

  • Through fixing – anchor can be installed through component.
  • Immediate clamping – anchor will secure component firm against substrate
  • Fast installation – Reduction in installation time
  • High load performance – extensive testing carried out with 6 major block manufactures. Application
  • Lift guide rails and door components
  • Mechanical and electrical service

Lift Block Systems C/W Channel Inserts

for use with Block Walls

  • Lift-block system incorporating cast-in inserts

  • Utilises pre-cast blocks manufactured to suit site dimensions

  • Saves time-consuming site casting of padstones within block walls.

Channels for fixing to lightweight metal deck floors

CFS Met Stop Inserts for fixing to the edge of Holo-rib type decking

CFS provides a channel incorporated within a metal edge trim profile. There is no need to worry about the uncertainty of fixing to the edge of this lightweight flooring system. Please specify floor height, return leg length and channel size.Typical installation showing Met stop shot fired or tek-screwed down to the steel frame. Restraint straps are provided to give additional restraint to the upper edge.

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