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Fischer Product Range

Fischer is the only company with its own development and production facilities in all relevant areas of fixing technology. On this basis, the company has produced countless fixing solutions over the years for a broad range of applications, while maintaining the flexibility to be able to develop tailor-made solutions for a wide and varied customer-base. This has made Fischer a recognised leader in their field.

CFS offers a choice of Fischer fixing products suited to the specific needs of individual construction projects.

The Fisher Product Range section of the CFS Products Manual includes:

  • Bolt FBN II
  • Anchor bolt FAZ II
  • F2 / F3 Anchor Fixing System
  • F4 / F5 / F6 Body anchor fixing Systems
  • Injection technique for concrete
  • Natural stone fixing systems
  • Support frame systems

Incorporating Fischer products alongside our own range of bespoke and ready-made fixture, lifting and support systems, ensures we at CFS have the widest variety of solutions available that meet the changing demands of today’s construction industry.

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